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RipCord Code Red Arrow Rest

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Get The Best Of Both Worlds- an arrow that can't fall off and a rest that falls away. Eliminates fletching contact with the rest for more accurate, consistent shooting and much easier tuning. Also reduces transfer of bow and hand movement to the arrow. Less arrow/rest contact also means less friction and more arrow speed.
The advantages of fall-away arrow rest technology

Ripcord is the #1 fall away rest for good reason! The all new Ripcord Code Red, like Ripcord models before it, gives you the advantages of BOTH fall away design and arrow containment. Now, with the revolutionary new DropDead brake in the Code Red, launcher bounce back is eliminated as well!

Ripcord is Forgiving

The Code Red is designed for maximum forgiveness
When your bow-hunting opportunity finally arrives it might be after spending all day in a stand without moving. Your form and the shot could very well be less than perfect. This is where you need the forgiveness of a Ripcord Code Red. Unlike many other rests, the Ripcord gives you maximum forgiveness by falling away soon after the release. The principle is simple and works incredibly well:
since your arrow loses contact with the rest early, your arrow is minimally affected should you happen to torque your bow, or not follow through. We are frequently asked why there is just one Ripcord model. The answer is simple: we are committed to building the very best arrow rest a bowhunter can buy. We refuse to make a product that compromises performance in any way.  
Manufacturer: Rip Cord

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