Arrow Fletching 101
"e;Applying Vanes"e;

Step 1: The key to Success is beginning with Quality Supplies. Shown here is a Bitzenburger Jig (Straight, Right, and Left Helical Clamps), Gold Tip Glue, Norway Duravanes, and a Vista Glue Dispenser.

Step 2: Place arrow in the nock receiver and the vane in the clamp. Remember to check the nock receiver to make sure it is locked in position to create the desired pattern. The most common pattern is 3 fletch with 120 degree spacing.

Step 4: Using the glue dispenser Apply a Bead of Glue to the base of the vane. The Glue Dispenser makes this step easy, because it applies the glue smoothly diminishing the possibility of air pockets

Step 5: Gently Push the Clamp onto the Jig and Arrow. Most jigs have a magnet that pulls the clamp straight. Pay special attention to push the vane straight down onto the shaft. Once contact has been made apply downward pressure for 5 to 10 seconds. Carefully remove the clamp and wipe excess glue with a paper towel.


Step 6: Congratulations you just built an arrow. Knowing this skill is useful for repairs needed in the field. It can also provide satisfaction knowing that you built the arrow that put the trophy on the wall.

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