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BoarMasters Concentrated Conviction Bear Lure

This is our most powerful concentrated line of products we offer.  

Concentrated Conviction Bear Lure (EXTREMELY POWERFUL)

Our extremely powerful and popular Concentrated Conviction bear lure now available for sale direct to you the customer. This is the most powerful concentrated liquid available in the industry. With an over powering, nose burning aroma it will draw bears in for miles! Available in 4oz containers. Specify flavor at checkout

100% pure product. We do not dilute any of our concentrates to boost margins.   10 times more coverage than any other product on the market today GUARANTEED!


As with all of our products a little bit goes a long ways! Simply mix 1-2 oz  per 5 gallons of choice liquid, fryer grease, molasses or cooking oil, mix well and your all set!  Also works great to apply a few drops to scent wiks or cotton balls, drag rags, and burns

These little bottles save you tons on freight!  Your not paying to ship 32oz bottles of heavy oil!  Make 5 gallons of your own sprays or syrups for cheap!  Most places will give you used fryer grease for free.

Concentrated Conviction FLAVORS INCLUDE

  • Caramel Conviction (specify at check out)
  • Beaver Castor Conviction (specify at check out)
  • Anise Conviction (specify at check out)
  • Blueberry Conviction (specify at check out)
  • Melon Conviction (specify at checkout)
  • Bacon Conviction (specify at checkout)
  • Cherry Conviction (specify at checkout)


Wear rubber gloves and do not apply to clothing or carry on you while hunting. Its extremely dangerous. Due to the effectiveness of this product, BoarMasters accepts no responsibility for accidents and injuries. Use at your own risk.

We sell in small and large quantities from everyday hunters and outfitters to large hunting corporations. Please contact us if your looking for larger volumes.

Concentrated Conviction Bear Lure (EXTREMELY POWERFUL)

Our extremely powerful and popular Concentrated Conviction bear lure now available for sale direct to you the customer.  Don’t pay high shipping costs to ship scented oil!  buy the concentrates and MAKE YOUR OWN!   Its simple!  add 1-2  oz to 5 Gallons of fryer grease or any type of store bought cooking oil, molasses, any liquids, OR works great as a stand alone bear lure. add a few drips to some cotton balls, drags and burns.  Guaranteed to draw bears for miles!



Item Number: 913004
Manufacturer Part No: 113CC

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