Broadhead Tuning And Centershot

This time of year having a properly tuned bow can mean the difference between success and failure.  The most important factor invloved in  grasping success is proper broadhead flight.  At Mountain Archery we have developed a simple procedure for insuring that perfect broadhead flight is obtained. 

Broadhead flight and performance is a result of centering the arrow in the middle of  a bows powerstroke.  Most modern compound bows have an offset on the cam either left or right of center.  One cam bows have the bottom cam offset to the left and the idler centered (Right Handed.)  The bows actual power center is somewhere between the left side position of the bottom cam and the center position of upper idler.  The best way to obtain this point is by using a laser as follows.

 Step 1: Mount EZ Center Laser Tool in sight screw holes on the bow's riser.  Step 2: Aim the laser towards the string and center in on the bowstring.

These two steps have just given you the bows true powerstroke center.  From here you can follow Steps 3 and 4 too complete the Centershot Tuning Process.



 Step 3: Rotate the laser down the arrow towards the point.     Step 4: Adjust the arrow rest so that the laser will be centered on the shaft anywhere it is aimed.

Assuming the bow is properly matched with arrow spine, and that quality broadheads are being used you have now eliminated the possibility of left or right plaining.  Which in turn will add to the success of this years hunting. Below is a quick reference guide of helpful products to completing this process:

 Recommended Broadheads

 Recommended Arrows   


  Muzzy 100 Grain 3 Blade

G5 Montec

Gold Tip Centurion

NAP Thunderhead

Gold Tip Pro Hunter

Easton Axis

Gold Tip XT Hunter

Beman ICS Hunter

Carbon Express CX Series

  EZ Center Tool

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