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Helix 175 Grain Broadhead
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The Helix Principle

The term Helix refers to a twist or rotation. 

Arrow rotation is crucial for shot accuracy. That's the whole reason for fletching. Fletching causes rotation from the back of the arrow. Unfortunately, many broadheads tend to plane in flight and can actually counteract the benefits of rotation caused by the fletching. 

The Helix Arrowhead's single bevel, aerodynamic design means it works in tandem with the fletching. This is a unique principle in broadhead design: steerage from the front, which results in greater overall stability in flight. 

The secret to creating the helix effect comes from the sharpening process. While the Helix Arrowhead may appear to be a simple two-blade design, the offset sharpening process yields a unique hunting broadhead that is forced to rotate in flight. 

Front rotation from the arrowhead combined with back rotation from the fletching results in greater stability in flight. In other words - your arrow goes where it's aimed. 

The benefits of the helix principle don't end with flight. The rotation of the Helix Arrowhead continues upon impact. This means superior penetration and a massive wound channel...larger in diameter than the width of the broadhead. 


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