Mystery Ranch Scapegoat 35 Hunting Pack

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Mystery Ranch Scapegoat 35 Desolve Bare
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Mystery Ranch Scapegoat 35 Hunting Pack

You're stalking a Trophy Elk the size of a mastodon, in the roughest country this side of Jurassic Appalachia. Heart rate is through the roof, we're talking 200+ bpm for hours straight, your caloric intake matches your passion for bagging big-ass bulls and hoisting them to the heavens on the strength of your honest, hard-working, humble back, and you can't wait to trade the taxidermist a carton of cigarettes for his services. The rack looks great on your wall already, hanging above the mantel, a fire roars in the hearth, your primal instinct: satisfied. What's missing in this life? Nothing. Because you own a Scapegoat that's the only reason you were able to do any of this!

VOLUME...................2136 cu-in (37.7l)
WEIGHT....................3.9 lbs
DIMENSIONS...........20"x12"x8.5" (51cm x 31cm x 22cm)
INTENDED USE.......Day Hunts, Scouting

Item Number: 998005
Manufacturer: Mystery Ranch

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