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Sitka Gear - Offers the Most Technical Hunting Gear Available. We Carry the Entire Line of Men's and Women's Products, and these items are available for order today.  We Carry Outerwear, Insulation, Rain Protection, Packs, and Essentials.  Concealment Patterns of: OPTIFADE Subalpine, Open Country, Waterfowl Marsh, Timber, and Elevated II Available. The 2018 Products are In Stock Shipping Now. 
We Are Factory Trained and Sitka Certified. Our Professional Staff will be happy to assist you with your Sitka Gear Purchase. 
Page Updated: September 22th, 2018

(SHIPPING NOW) - Waders, Solids, Elevated 2 & Waterfowl 2018 New Products, and FALL TTW.
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Sitka Gun Sling - Sitka Gear
Sitka Gun Sling - Sitka Gear
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Sitka Gun Sling - Sitka Gear
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Sitka Gear Launches New Subalpine Optifade

Click Here All Traverse, Core, Packs, Elevated Forest, and Much More Discounted While Supplies Last.
In my opinion Sitka Mountain Gear is still the Very Best Hunting Clothing Available. In 2018, I have hunted all over the World. Sitka has performed in the coldest hardest climates hunting whitetails in a treestand, to hunting Mule Deer in the Sonora Desert. I woundn't trade my Sitka Gear for anything else out there.
-Gordon Smith Mountain Archery

New additions to the Sitka Gear Open Country Line include: Redesigned Sitka Gear Stormfront Rain Protection System, Sitka Gear Kelvin Down Hoody, Sitka Gear Core Hoody, Sitka Gear Jetstream Lite, and Sitka Neck Gaitor.                                     

Sitka Gear has taken the Elevated Optifade Forest products to a new level.  Leading up the whitetail gear  offering by adding the Sitka Gear Early Season Whitetail Pant and Stratus Pant. Both pants are sure to be a hit with the Whitetail Hunter, Sitka has designed these pants to work in conjunction with rubber hunting boots. Rounding out the Optifade Forest line are the Youth Kelvin Hoody and Core Hoody.

Waterfowl Hunters have reason to be excited because Sitka Gear has introduced the New Boreal Jacket.  This High Tech Jacket is the best of the best, lined with Gortex and Primaloft layers.  This jacket was designed for protection in the coldest and wettest waterfowl hunting environments.

Cutting edge backpacks have now been added to the 2018 New Sitka Gear Product Line.  The Sitka Gear Alpine Ruck, Sitka Gear Tool Box, and Sitka Gear Tool Bucket have all been added to the new gear line. 

Gear this good is more than gear, it’s a lifestyle.  For this reason Sitka Gear, has announced they will offer nearly the entire line in solid more casual patterns.  Sitka Gear Solids are sure to be a hit with products including: Sitka Gear Solid Timberline, Ascent, and 90% Pants.  Sitka Gear will also offer all base layers, outer wear, and Raingear in solid patterns.

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